Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Perfect Money: Sign Up and Funding

Perfect Money Payment System

Buy Perfect Money from me at N240/ $1
Sell Perfect money to me at    N220/ $1

Contact: 08124042953

Since the untimely demise of Liberty Reserve(LR), Perfect Money (PM) has taken over as the number 1 e-currency means of payment for online transactions particularly in Nigeria, Africa and gradually spreading across Asia and the rest of the world.

Perfect Money, unlike paypal is very easy to sign up and maintain.

  • No country restriction
  • No phone verification
  • No credit card required for sign up
  • You can have several accounts

It is ever faster to open a new perfect money account compared to opening a new gmail account.

Click to sign up

After signing up, login into your account and you will get your Perfect Money account numbers for transaction:

U(account number) used for Dollar transactions.
E(account number) used for Euro transactions.
G(account number) used for Gold transactions.

Before opening a Perfect Money account note that;

Perfect Money records your country I.P during sign up.
After sign up make sure you always login with that same country I.P anytime you want to access your Perfect Money account or else your account may get limited/closed.

If you make use a VPN or Proxy server, make sure you turn it off before accessing your perfect money account. Failure to do so may get your account limited.

Remember, Perfect Money accepts any country including Nigeria, as long as you login with that same country I.P each time you access your Perfect Money account, you have nothing to worry about.

Sign up here

Beware of Perfect money funding scams

There are several websites parrading themselves as perfect money exchangers, other scammers pose as individuals who want to sell their perfect money in exchange for Naira.
They sometimes offer inviting exchange rates to lure you into doing transaction with them. Asoon as you make payment into their bank account, they wont fund your perfect money account and you wont hear from them.

In other to avoid such, it is better to fund your perfect money account via;

Do you need a US Phone Number for calls and SmS? Get it here

Get verified paypal account

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